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Hello everyone!
This community is for anyone who cuts and has an eating disorder. This community is here to support you. If you feel the need to talk, vent, or just some place to blog, feel free to join. I just have a few rules for this community...
1. Please be an active member.
2. No typing LiKe ThIs...it's very annoying.
3. Please make all posts members only. I don't want any members to face ridicule from other livejournal users because of their problem.
4. PLEASE comment on others entries if you want yours to be commented on.
5. Please, please, please promote this community.
6. No bashing other members or being sarcastic, I will not put up with this. Do it once, it's a warning, do it twice, it's a vital warning, do it three times, you're outta here.
7. If you wish to post more than one picture, please do it uner a cut.
8. Remember that this community is not only for those who want to recover, it's also for those who are not ready to recover and who also need help coping.
9. Post ALL triggering images uner a cut.
10. Please have a subjecy for your post.
11. Since this community has not been active in a while, please reintroduce yourself...
What are you here for (bulimia, Anorexia, Ednoa, Cutting):

If you wish to email me just to talk, message me on my posts. I do not post my email for everyone to see. But if you need to talk to me, I am here, and I will respond. Just message me.